jerma gif collection ...

    a gif of jerma dancing inside of a zelda's characters hands jerma on stream, laughing then rubbing his eyes like he's crying jerma spinning in his chair being bounced between two fish jerma in his stream set up, tilting his head back and forth jerma listening to music jerma stimming jerma miming slapping soemone, but accidently slapping himself in the face a picmix edit of jerma playing the omatone that says 'be like jerma, don't be afraid to show your talents!' a picmix edit of jerma eating a burger sped up, in sparkly captioned 'sparkle on! it's lunch time! don't forget to eat your veggies!' jerma trying to lift a large box tv, but he falls over and the tv lands on him jerma giving a middle finger to the camera, with the sparkly caption 'cus everytime we touch i get this feeling' jerma in his stream set up, randomly hitting the camera with a deranged smile a picmix edit of jerma t-posing spinning around a gif of jerma screaming that fades into a hamster image with the caption 'the rats claim another' jerma shaking in his stream setup jerma in a vr headset dancing jerma in a greenscream room walking oddly jerma dancing towards the camera quickly jerma screaming and holding his head in fear jerma punching the camera with the caption 'escapiping the prison of this tomb of mortal flesh'